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Avraam Russo's biography
Avraam Russo biography

Was born 21 July 1969 in Syria.

Avraam began to sing already during his childhood. While participating at a festival he was observed by a famous Iranian singer and was advised to follow vocal courses. At the age of 17 Avraam Russo debuted on a big stage.

In 1989, Russo made his performances abroad. He was invited to sing in the best night clubs of England, France, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan and Kuwait.

In 1997, Avraam Russo was invited to Russia where he sang for the first time in the restaurant "Praga" ("Prague"). In this restaurant the singer met his producer Yosif Prigojin and after a short period of time signed a contract with him.

In 2001 Avraam released his first single "Amor" and already the following year released his debut album "Tonight". The album contained 16 songs in 4 different languages: English, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. Avraam was not only the singer of the album's songs, but the music composer and author as well. He produced 6 video-clips for this album, the famous among them were: "Daleko, Daleko", "Amor" and "Tonight".

In 2002 Avraam sang in a duet with another famous Russian singer Kristina Orbakayte the song "Lyubov, Katore Bolshe Niet" ("A Love that was Over") and produced a video-clip to it. The song became an instant hit and was recognized as one of the most successful duets in the Russian show-business. The year to follow Viktor Drobish (a Russian composer) wrote another duet composition "Prosto Lubit Tebya" ("Just to Love You") for Avraam and Kristina, which was also a big success. A video-clip was also produced for that song.

In 2003, the Russian singer released his second album "Prosto liubit..." ("Just Love...") which contained 14 songs. At the end of that year his single "Znaiu" ("I know") came out to the stores and became a mega hit. The song was not only famous in the Russian top-charts but also in the European top-charts.

In 2004, during his famous tour in the U.S., Avraam met his future wife to be, Morela Ferdman. Their relationship influenced his career in a very positive way, and auto-biographical songs became to appear. The famous of them was "Obruchalnaya" ("Engaged"). Avraam and Morela were did actually engaged in November of 2004.

In June 2005 Avraam produced the video-clip "Leto" ("Summer") and 3 months later married his spouse, Morela.

In January 2006 Avraam sang the song "Ne Dolyublu" ("Love You Yes - Love You Not") from his third album that was published in April of that year. Also in 2006 he sang the song "Summashedshy Dyojd" ("Heavy Rain") of the famous Russian composer Viachislav Dobrenin.
This song has a special place in the hearts of Avraam's fans. It is a very powerful and emotional song.

In August 19, 2006 a murder attempt was made at Avraam while he was outside of a hotel in Moscow, Russia. Avraam was injured by 2 bullet-shots which wounded the side of his belly. Fortunately, Avraam was fully recovered from the attack and today he functions normally.
One month after the accident Avraam left Russia with his family, because he was afraid for their well-being. They moved to New-York City in the U.S. and live there ever since.

In 2006 (27th of desember)Avraam and Morela had their first born baby and named her "Emanuella". Avraam currently does shows in hotels and casinos all around the world.

April 30, 2009 officially opened her own restaurant Abraham Russo "Heaven" in New York.

At the end of 2009 Abraham has recorded a duet in Amsterdam and took video for the song "Moonlight Sonata" with a known Kazakh singer Diana Shick. Just to make a video for new songs "Peace" / "Мир", and "Taken" / "Я рядом"

In January 2010, Abraham Russo returned to Russia and gave concerts in the cities of the country.

It is currently preparing to release new albums in English and Russian languages.

1. "Amor" - 2001;
2. "Tonight" - 2002;
3. "Просто любить..." ("Prosto Lyubit...") - 2003;
4. "Обручальная" ("Obruchalnaya") - 2006;
5. "The Best of Avraam Russo" - 2007;

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