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Carlos Castaneda - Overview
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Carlos Castaneda Overview

The Sorcerers` Explanation
Summerized from Tales of Power, Washington Square Press.

The secret of the luminous beings is that we are perceivers, we are an
awareness without solidity or bounds. The world we think we see is only
a description of world told to us by our internal dialog, a description
that has been taught to us by others. We are trapped inside that bubble
of perception and what we witness on its walls is a reflection of our
world view, our description.

As luminous beings, our perception is controlled by the position of our
Assemblage Point (the point where our luminous being focuses its awareness
on the energy fibers of the universe). There are infinite worlds outside
our daily perceptions. By stopping the internal dialog you break through
this barrier to the totality of oneself.

To this end sorcerers use "the right way of walking" as a practical task;
it saturates the tonal and without the one-to-one relation with the elements
of its description the tonal becomes silent. Also used are acting without
believing or expecting rewards; erasing personal history; and "dreaming".
To help erase personal history the techniques of losing self-importance,
assuming responsibility, and using death as an adviser are applied. To
aide in "dreaming" the three techniques of disrupting the routines of life,
the gait of power, and not-doing are used. These techniques are bound
together by living like a warrior, to give temperance and strength to
withstand the path of knowledge.

The nagual is the unspeakable. All the possible feelings and beings and
selves float in it like barges, peaceful, unaltered, forever. Then the
glue of life binds some of them together and a being is created. That
being loses the sense of its true nature and becomes blinded by the glare
and clamor of the tonal, where all unified organizations exist. That
cluster is the bubble of perception. The secret of the double is in the
bubble of perception. In the nagual, the cluster of feelings can be
rearranged to any form and made to assemble instantly anywhere. In other
words, one can perceive the here and the there at once. The nagual is
witnessed by "will", and the tonal by "reason".

The tonal is but a reflection of that indescribable unknown filled with
order; the nagual is but a reflection of that indescribable void that
contains everything.

The Seven Gates of Dreaming
Summerized from _The Art of Dreaming_.

First Gate:
You reach the first gate when you become aware you are falling asleep
or have a gigantically real dream (perhaps what some would call a lucid
dream). You cross the first gate when you are able to sustain the sight
of any item in your dream.

In order to offset the evanescent quality of dreams, sorcerers have
devised the use of the starting point item. Ever time you isolate it
and look at it, you get a surge of energy,

Second Gate:
You cross the second gate when you are able to change from dream to
dream. For example, you wake up from a dream in another dream or use
an item of your dream to trigger another dream.

Third Gate:
You reach the third gate when you dream yourself asleep. You cross the
third gate by moving your engery body after having done so. At the
third gate you begin to merge your dreaming reality with the reality of
the daily world.

Fourth Gate:
At the fourth gate, the energy body travels to specific, concrete places
either in this world, out of this world, or places that exist only in
the intent of others.

Go to sleep in a certain position, then in dreaming, dream that you lie
down in the same position and fall asleep again. This is called the
twin positions and it solidifies your dreaming attention. The second
dream is intending in the second attention: the only way to cross the
fourth gate of dreaming.

The Path of a Man of Knowledge
Exceprts from _The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge_;
pages 82-87.
A man of knowledge is one who has followed truthfully
the hardships of learning. A man who has, without
rushing or without faltering, gone as far as he can
in unraveling the secrets of power and knowledge.
To become a man of knowledge one must challenge and
defeat the four natural enemies.

The first enemy of a man of knowledge is Fear. A terrible
enemy--treacherous, and difficult to overcome. It remains
concealed at every turn of the way, prowling, waiting. And
if the man, terrified in its presence, runs away, his enemy
will have put an end to his quest. Once a man has vanquished
fear, he is free from it for the rest of his life because,
instead of fear, he has acquired clarity of mind which erases fear.

And thus he has encountered his second enemy; Clarity.
That clarity of mind, which is so hard to obtain, dispels
fear, but also blinds. If the man yields to this make-believe
power, he has succumbed to his second enemy and will be
patient when he should rush. And he will fumble with
learning until he winds up incapable of learing anything

He must defy his clarity and use it only to see, and wait
patiently and measure carefully before taking new steps;
he must think, above all, that his clarity is almost a
mistake. And a moment will come when he will understand
that his clarity was only a point before his eyes. And thus
he will have overcome his second enemy, and will arrive
at a position where nothing can harm him anymore. It
will be true power; the third enemy of a man of knowledge.

A man at this stage hardly notices his third enemy closing
in on him. And suddenly, without knowing, he will certainly
have lost the battle. His enemy will have turned him into
a cruel, capricious man. The man must defy his power,
deliberately. He has to come to realize the power he has
seemingly conquered is in reality never his. He will reach
a point where everything is held in check. He will
know then when and how to use his power. And thus he will
have defeated his third enemy.

The man will be, by then, at the end of his journey of
learning, and almost without warning he will come upon
the last of his enemies: Old age. This enemy is the
cruelest of all, the one he won`t be able to defeat
completely, but only fight away. His desire to retreat
will overrule all his clarity, his power, and his
knowledge. But if the man sloughs off his tiredness, and
lives his fate through, he can then be called a man of
knowledge, if only for the brief moment when he
succeeds in fighting off his last, invincible enemy.
That moment of clarity, power, and knowledge is enough.

The Books

Teachings: Jun 23 1961 - Sep 30 1965
Separate Reality: Apr 2 1968 - Oct 18 1970
Journey to Ixtlan: Dec 17 1960 - May 1971


The Eight Points
/ \
Nagual Will-----Feeling-----Talking---Reason Tonal
\ /

Stopping the Internal Dialog
Stopping our description of the world; breaking the barrier
of perception. Stopping the internal dialog is the key to
the sorcerers` world. The rest of the activities are only
props to accelerate the effect.
The Right Way of Walking
Tales of Power, WSP Paperback edition, page 236, don Juan says:
The warrior, first by curling his fingers, drew attention to the
arms; and then by looking, without focusing his eyses, at any
point directly in front of him on the arc that started at the tip
of his feet and ended above the horizon, he literally flooded
his "tonal" with information. The "tonal", without its one-to-one
relationship with the elements of its description, was incapable
of talking to itself, and thus one became silent.
Acting Without Believing
Acting just for the hell of it, without expecting rewards.
Erasing Personal History
Removing cues of oneself from the world at large, making oneself
unavailable. This frees you from the trap of others attention.
This also helps to remove Self-Pity from your world.
Losing Self-Importance
Another aide in removing Self-Pity.
Assuming Responsibility
Assume responsibility for your actions and being in this world.
Using Death as an Advisor
Take every act as your last battle on earth. It doesn`t matter
if you win or lose a battle but never abandon yourself, even to your
death. You should replace Self-Pity as your advisor and use death
instead. Actions taken with death as an advisor have power.

Disrupting the Routines of Life
Our routines are what allows death to stalk us. A hunter learns the
routines of its pray and uses them to kill it.
Gait of Power
Running with abandon, but without abandoning oneself. Imagine
yourself being chased in the dark by a ferocious animal, if you
get away, this is how you will have run.
Focusing your attention on features of the world that are
ordinarily overlooked, such as the shadows of things.
Using the natural shift of the Assemblage Point while asleep.

Together, disrupting routines, the gate of power, and not-doing
are avenues for learning new ways of perceiving the world, and
they give a warrior an inkling of incredible possibilities
of action. These lead to the knowledge of a separate and
pragmatic world of "dreaming".

Fixing the Assemblage Point in position to give your
perception coherence. Used in the daily world it`s a
way of behaving towards our fellow men.
Used to free energy trapped in the world. Performed by
visualizing past events (to shift your Assemblage Point
to that point) and reclaiming any energy you left behind
and returning energy that isn`t yours.

Mood of a Warrior
A mood in which to approch the world, acting with abandon
but without abandoning oneself. Using death as an advisor,
each act is your last battle on earth.
Controlled Folly
Since a man of knowledge "sees" and he knows that nothing is
more important than anything else then nothing matters to him,
he has only his controlled folly, acting as if it mattered
even though he knows it does not.
A sourcerery technique of looking without staring at something.
The "not-doing" of looking at something.
Worthy Opponent
An opponent to spur you on the path of knowledge.
Having to Believe
Having no choice, the situation inspired by the worth opponent.

Man of Knowledge
A warrior who has become a sorcerer and who "sees" and knows.
The ultimate state of being, in total control over your being.

Energy Body
Assemblage Point
The point at which your awarness is focused on your luminous being
causing the energy fibers at large to align with the energy fibers
inside your cocoon.
Glow of Awarness
The glowing point at which the Assemblage Point is focused, indicating
that the being is alive. This glow lights the fibers and makes the
luminous being percieve them.
First Attention
The attention of the tonal. Used to assemble our daily world.
Second Attention
The attention of the nagual.
Third Attention
The attention after burning with the fire from within.
Dreaming Attention
The attention used while dreaming to exercise the energy body,
it`s a gateway to the second attention.
First Ring of Power
Also the first attention
Second Ring of Power
Also the second attention

Gates of Dreaming
The seven gates of dreaming are energy obstacles that must be
Dreaming Emissary
Energy beings from other realms in your dreams. By isolating then
and indending to follow them they can transport your awareness to
inconceivable realms.
Dreaming Awake
This state results from moving the Assemblage Point during normal

The Tonal and the Nagual
The tonal is but a reflection of that indescribable unknown filled with
order; the nagual is but a reflection of that indescribable void that
contains everything.
The Dreamer and the Dreamed
The secret of the dreamer and the dreamed is that the dreamed dreams
the dreamer, just as the dreamer dreams the dreamed.
The Secret of the Luminous Beings
The secret of the luminous beings is that we are perceivers, we are an
awareness without solidity or bounds. The world we think we see is only
a description of world told to us by our internal dialog, a description
that has been taught to us by others. We are trapped inside that bubble
of perception and what we witness on its walls is a reflection of our
world view, our description.
Bubble of Perception
The bubble of perception is the cluster of feelings that have been
assembled in the nagual and bound together by the force of life.


An exclusive interview with three if the female warriors of
Carlos Castaneda`s sorcery lineage Florinda, Donner-Grau, Taisha
Abelar, and Carol Tiggs interview by Keith Nichols.

It`s been over twenty years since Carlos Castaneda began
igniting his readers` imaginations about the possibility of
viewing reality differently. Today, American seekers are involved
in a magical blend of religious practices aimed at the same thing
from Zen Buddhism to Yoga to herbal remedies and even Wicca and
spiritualism. Yet questions still remain from the intensive
searching of the last several decades, such as when are we going
to get free, anyway? And how do we explain the inexplicable?
These were the questions on my mind when I found myself
journeying down the coast toward Los Angeles for an encounter
with three women of Castaneda`s sorcery lineage: Florinda Donner
Grau, Taisha Abelar, and Carol Tiggs.
When Florinda Donner-Grau and I first met, she told me about
an encounter that serves well to explain the threshold that many
people have already encountered. As she walked down the streets
in downtown Los Angeles, she saw a floating blob of energy. As
she watched it bounce up and down the street, she was a little
unsure about her senses. She tugged on the shoulder of a man
standing nearby whose mouth was open wide in a state of
disbelief--or maybe bewilderment. She saw that he too was looking
at the blob.
As a sorcerer, Donner-Grau is aware that reality is largely
perception and that what we choose to perceive and not to
perceive is based on our training. So perhaps the man in L.A.
represents a sort of graduation in the school of larger
possibilities, a generation prepared by Castaneda and others to
perceive subtler energies.
With the recent publication of Castaneda`s ninth book, as
well as books by Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar, Carlos
Castaneda`s sorcerers party has evolved into seems to beckon
forth that this reality is not the only one; others do exist into
which we can transcend.

Why are the women of this lineage just beginning to come out and
speak about their practices?

Florinda Donner-Grau: Well, there is a fundamental difference in
the way males and females perceive and respond to reality.
Females, such as Taisha, Carol, and I, didn`t write about
anything for twenty years. This is the fundamental difference:
females need to embody a system of belief before they can write
about it. While males build their bridges of understanding with
words, women build their understanding with their life. Both are
equally valid ways of understanding, yet they are very different
ways of processing life.
In terms of energy the male cones toward knowledge; he
builds step by step. In physics, this stepping can be described
like a cone, where males are always moving toward a source but
never reaching it. With females, it is different because that
cone is reversed. Because of the womb, females have the capacity
to perceive knowledge directly. There is no reason for her to
explain because she already knows. And it is this knowingness,
this experience of being connected with the source-what we call
Intent-that sorcerers want to get back to. Females have an
inherent advantage in that they know Intent directly, while the
male is always approaching it.

What is the purpose of being connected with this source, Intent?

Florinda Donner-Grau: Well, I`ll tell you a story. I love books;
I`m an avid reader. Now Carlos hasn`t read a book in over twenty
years. I know that because he gave all his books to me. Now I`m
very interested in phenomenology because as an intellectual
pursuit, it is the only one that comes close to sorcery. Well,
I`ll be reading something and then I`ll ask Carlos a question.
He`ll be quiet for about ten minutes and then he`ll give me an
explanation of exactly what I have been reading. At that point,
I know that he`s been out there grabbing that knowledge from
elsewhere. And this ability has no limitation; I can ask him
something about physics and he immediately gives me a bonafide

How would you describe what he is doing?

Carol Tiggs: I would say that he is practicing dreaming, which is
a way of describing that he is using his energetic body to grab
hold of a line of energy and access information directly from the
source of the universe.

Florinda Donner-Grau: And Carlos knows exactly what line to grab.
Seers see that it is all out there anyway. But what makes a
capable sorcerer is the ability to access these lines of
information with control and at will. Recently, Carlos took a
group of twenty people to a small church in Mexico (written about
in several of his books). While in the church, he took the whole
group into a state of dreaming and journeyed into another world.

How does one learn how to do this?

Florinda Donner-Grau: It`s all a matter of having enough energy
to be able to see. We`re all so consumed by the everydayness of
life that we simply don`t have any energy left over to see.

How do people use daily life to begin to find where they are
draining themselves energetically?

Carol Tiggs: When you look back over your workday, one of the
clues to where you lost your energy is where you began to feel
tired and not energetically yourself. Those places are where
you`ll find your answers and start to develop some
perspective-and you`ll be able to begin to pull back your energy
from these events and begin to start examining the patterns that
keep you stuck within the ego game of hero and victim.

Is this process different for the males and the females?

Florinda Donner-Grau: The process isn`t any different. When you
recapitulate, you take yourself back and recreate every event as
it happened. Once you have the energy, this happens automatically
and you don`t have to reach it through any shamanistic means,
such as fasting and so on. You can begin any day and start from
that day and move backwards. I`ve done four recapitulations of my
entire life to date and I find something new each time. And what
I find is that not directly but indirectly we always try to be
the hero ourselves.
At some of the lectures we have given, people are always
taking notes and I find myself saying to them, "No, don`t take
notes, because those things are meaningless. Just listen." All of
their energy is gong into taking notes and they`re missing half
of what is really going on.

Taisha Abelar: We constantly hear people say, If only I was a
part of your group, then I could do this or that. But what they
don`t understand is that wherever you are, that is where you

Carol Tiggs: Sorcery is really just perception. There are no
rituals, no dancing, no nothing. Just perception and some
techniques to enhance perception through gathering up of oneself
energetically. There are aids, such as not-doing techniques.

Taisha Abelar: Or just watching your thoughts and hearing what
you are really thinking. You can learn a lot by doing

Carol Tiggs: What I`ve found is that people generally fall into
one of two categories: either they have to be in control or they
are being controlled by something else. When you come from these
two scenarios, you generally aren`t perceiving your life clearly.
By recapitulating you light up in your awareness exactly the
energies (or reality) that was constructed so that you can begin
to perceive the patterns and programming that control you.

Taisha Abelar: When you begin to clearly see the social patterns
that control you, you start to move into stalking yourself. This
is where you can become an active participant in life. Suddenly
your boss is no longer that evil, horrible controller that he
once was. Instead he becomes a mirror by which you start to see
where you are trapped into the games of this reality. These games
are what consume or tie up people`s energy and keep them from
perceiving the true energetic nature of this reality.
When you move away from the consensus of everyday life, you
can allow the Intent or the dream that has been set up by Intent
to become the moving force, the guide.

Florinda Donner-Grau: To do this you have to relinquish this
feeling of having to be the one in control. But believe me, even
after you have recapitulated, you still have that feeling that
you have this one little area over here and that once you get to
it, then you will be the one who is in charge.

Let`s get back to the ways in which males and females perceive.
If females perceive directly, then why aren`t most females
walking around steeped in understanding or knowingness of Intent?

Florinda Donner-Grau: Males have an energetic advantage in the
physical world. Though the male cone shape configuration of
energy makes perceiving the source of Intent more difficult, it
is ideal for being able to work stronger in the physical world .
There is no way for females to compete against that energetic
advantage as long as they are imitating roles that males have
created. Instead we as females have to find our own resources and
break this cycle of imitation so that we can truly begin to
evolve into something different.

What is that evolvement?

Carol Tiggs: To tell you the truth, I really don`t know. What is
our Intent as we evolve and what does this evolvement entail? For
female sorcerers, part of this comes into enhancing the secondary
functions of our wombs, which are the dreaming organs in the
female body. And we do this by recapitulating, breaking old
patterns, gathering up our energy, so that we can begin to dream
a new dream.

Taisha Abelar: Whatever has happened to us-and something has
happened-we hope to convey to younger people that change is
possible. But there has to be some kind of critical mass to make
this change possible.

Florinda Donner-Grau: When you go against the enormous consensus
that constitutes everyday reality, you are pounding against a
stone wall. When sorcerers enter into dreaming, the first thing
they will usually encounter is a bank of fog. When you see this
fog you are pulling at something else energetically.
ln a way, sorcery is like Chinese Medicine in that it treats
the body as if it were a field of energy. Western Medicine treats
the body as if it were an object so it doesn`t take advantage of
the more powerful energetic reality. Consequently you have
doctors cutting out matter instead of using energy to change it.
Medicine, like modem man, would change dramatically if it took
advantage of these energetic principles to aid in a metamorphis
of current limitations and illnesses.

Carol Tiggs: What a sorcerer searches for is that evolvement
within his awareness or energetic field; that moment or
possibility of change into a state of being that has more

Florinda Donner-Grau: Currently there is so much invested in
institutions like the A.M.A. that there is no way that they are
going to change things like that. But what they are doing to the
body is horrendous. They teach us that medicine has advanced, but
that simply isn`t true. Now we have Aids and cancer and we really
don`t know what the hell we are doing.
I had a young female friend who died of intestinal cancer a
couple of months ago. On the outside she was living the perfect
life but on the inside she was being eaten alive. You see, her
husband was a president of one of those huge corporations and you
wouldn`t believe the pains she went through to impress people.
She was killing herself to impress other people. I asked her, "If
things are so bad, why didn`t you seek some help?" But she said
that she was worried about what people would think. I answered
back, "What will they think when you are dead?" Now, she is dead,
and they don`t think a thing. If that is the price you are going
to pay, then take off.
But that`s what we do. You see, in a way, we`re still
monkeys. Don Juan used to tease us and say that we are like a
monkey who has reached into a gourd to grab some seeds. The
monkey can`t get his hand out as long as he holds on to those
seeds. Humans are very much the same way. Our social expectations
are the seeds which consume our awareness. All the monkey would
have to do to become free is to just let go of those damn seeds,
but he won`t. We won`t let go of the seeds to get ourselves out
of a trapped situation. We just can`t let go.
Gary Larson drew a cartoon showing an ape who had fallen out
of a tree and was laying flat on the ground. Under the drawing
was the transcription: The dawn of man. The only thing he forgot
to add was that the monkey had fallen onto a patch of seeds. You
see, he had grabbed for the seeds; that was the real fall of man.

Magical Blend Magazine (c) 1994

Notes on a talk by Taisha Abelar

The following are notes I took at a talk by Taisha Abelar on
10 October 1992 at the Alexandria II bookstore in Pasadena, California.
These are somewhat cryptic but may be of interest to some on the list.
((my comments if any are in double parentheses))

The Activity of sorcerers is that of Dreaming yourself.

Society is oriented toward a "poor baby" syndrome (society and the
individual are at effect).

Drills to resolve this :
Write your internal dialogue down for 3 days, wait three days and read it
Mark up the newspaper wherever the poor baby concept is expressed.

We presently have a mating/courtship compulsion

the self is presented as a "poor baby" to the world

Stalking the self - see how you are living.

The reason for all this is that mankind`s assemblage point is in a
certain position.

You can move the assemblage point to another place.

That`s what sorcerers do - move it away from the poor baby position

The assembalge point is a place of luminosity on the energetic body,
it lights the filiaments. When the filiaments of the energetic body match
those of the universe perception takes place.

How do you move the assemblage point?
You need energy - this may be obtained from not doing the presentation
of the self in everyday life and stopping seeking courtship.
curtail needingness.

After you`ve increased your energy THEN practice sorceric techniques.

1. The recapitulation (see Sorcerer`s crossing)
2. Quiet the internal dialogue (Meditation and breathing techniques
are good for this)

((Taisha told a rather amusing story of going to a guru in India who had
a $900 breathing technique))
The $900 dollar breath: 3 exhalations, 1 inhalation

(Use) any technique that works - sorcery passes, gazing techniques.

Practice impeccability, you`ll know impeccability when you have no self
Act without expecting rewards or returns.
Act impeccably and the assemblage point moves to the" place of no pity "

Heightened awareness.
When the assemblage point moves far enough you`ll see different worlds.

You`ll know when you are there - (you`ll be) very quiet, unknown to
yourself, you`ll feel solitude but not loneliness.

Energy comes to you and will guide you, energy of the double, the ethereal
body. " Poor Baby" ravages energy.
That`s the beginning, heightened awareness is the door to infinity.

NOW you can use dreaming and stalking.

Dreaming, use dreams to enhance awareness of being, wake up the energetic
body. The art of dreaming - move the assemblage point systematically
(find your hands, etc.)

Art of stalking - when assemblage point moves you have to fix it at
new position - give it reality - explore, get adventuresome.

find out the ramifications of the new position from a bodily energy
viewpoint. Then develop the energetic body.

Use it (while awake).

Solidify it and act from it.

Where Taisha Abelar is is a poistion of the assemblage point.

Moving assemblage point to where their`s (other sorcerers) were.

The earth too has an assemblage point ((cf. Ley lines etc.))

embarrassment disrupts the assemblage point.

There are other worlds than this consensual world.

Nagual - pronounced " NO - ALL"

You can move the assemblage point in dreaming.
(( Taisha Abelar made a loud scream at this point in the talk))
Shriek - makes the assemblage point shift and solidify the energy body.

For a normal human the assemblage point is behind the left shoulder at the

Perception is encoded in the body (cf. Husserl, phenomenologists)
Perception - a facet of corporeality.

The only way to change the energy body is to move the assemblage point,
lighting up different filiaments.

Memories can reengage, restimulate different energetic memories.

Dream yourself, its up to you
A man waits for death and while he waits he surrounds himself with beauty
and with strength " The Death Defier"

The change comes from within, to change the world, the environment,
the universe.

You must move the assemblage point

Recapitulation - make list of everyone you`ve known
begin with the latest person and work backwards
Breath in over right shoulder to left then exhale back (rotating the head
back) - visualize and breath you can do it in the world.

Don`t poor baby yourself.

Use devices to jolt yourself you can move the assemblage point up and down.

(( She talks about her experiences in the other world with the trees
(described in Sorcerer`s Crossing)))

Competition among the roots of trees (not recommended to move the Assemblage
point down)

The greatest challenge - practice controlled folly, you see the situation
and you don`t do anything about it - you don`t judge - judging is death.

Inorganic entities, they permeate this other realm of the universe.

Don Juan`s/Carlo`s new book The Seven Gates of Dreaming
The second gate is these guys - Gargoyles/vampires/shadows
they inhabit a close realm and feed off our energy.

Don Juan`s allys.

Seers can see this energy. Build integrity - internal strength.
Gazing at gravel/leaves/moon/clouds
But if you don`t have the sobriety of recapitulation then there are

The Inorganic Entities come thru tunnels, ignore them.
The Inorganic Entities obey your commands.

You can recapitualte your dreams or recapitulate in your dreams.
If awake Normal recapitulation start at right inhale to left,
exhale to center.

In dreams inhale Clockwise, exhale counterclockwise in center.

There are layers of recapitulation.

Best place for assemblage point - an infinite number of other places.
The spirit, intent, will let it move , Best intermediate place -
"The place of no pity"

Do the newspaper exercise (looking for "poor baby")
Take a pen and paper to your internal dialogue.
Scratch the surface, stalk yourself.

Taisha Abelar and her fellow sorcerers are now moving assemblage points
elsewhere and using energetic bodies to establish realities there.

Proper use of sexual energy. if you`ve got energy to spare -
((sex is)) OK if you`ve recapitualted.

If you want to move the assemblage point to other areas use sexual energy
to do dreaming.

The second gate is the graveyard of failed sorcerers.

Control, the stalker`s sobriety.

level 1 energy body
level 2 energy and physical body (this needs lots more energy)
((the above is describing `going places` via dreaming as an
energy body or taking the physical body too))

After recapitulating there is only NOW.
This permits discrepancies - coming and going from the consensual universe.

When moving the assemblage point either:
1. Get rid of friends
2. Use them as controlled folly.

The world has multitudes of realities

The real challenge is in the world - can you get off the assemblage point

Stalking - move assemblage point, give the energy body a jolt.
((an example of a stalking exercise follows))
Tie up the dominant hand and use the other.

Not doing exercises
Walk backwards
Walk on all fours with kneepads

any trigger - sound/time/smell causes the body to remember

cover up mirrors - (they reinforce agreements and put attention on the self)

Stalk yourself
look at the world
Begin recapitulation
Dream and find your hands in your dream

Not doing
Disrupt routines
and do exercise to wake up the energetic body (physical exercise)

Notes of January 7 East West tal

I am attaching the file of the notes I took on the Jan 7 `94 Abelar talk at
East West Books in Menlos Park California. Feel free to post them on your
Castaneda list. I hope you enjoy them.

These are the of notes of the Abelar public talk in Menlo Park, California
held January 7, 1994. These notes are not in the public domain; they may be
distributed to friends interested in Abelar, CC and Donner, but please do
not repost them on other bulletin boards and they may not be published in any
magazine etc. Please respect the style of teaching of Abelar, Castaneda etc.
which seems to be based on limited public display.

"Tonight`s talk with be on Stopping. To Stop you must only do one thing.
Decide to be a warrior or not.

"The assemblage point fluctuates naturally in sleep. It will also move under
the influence of drugs, deep meditation, starvation, sensory deprivation.

"The assemblage point is located behind you at the level of your shoulder

"Sorcerers use Discipline to move their assemblage points.

"Everyone of us can `see` energy - even now - but you are no longer aware of
it. Infants on the other hand perceive energy directly. However, as they get
older the `Usher` introduces them to the world of ordinary reality. Instead
of seeing amorphous energy, the infant one day will assemble the energy
configuration into...a table. A toy. A dog. A tree. Each time the
transformation comes from the Usher.

"First and foremost we live in a world of energy. Only secondarily do we live
in a world of objects. The position of the assemblage point determines the
reality that we assemble of the energy.

"The sorcerer [presumably unlike the hunger artists and sensory deprivers]
seeks to FIX the assembly point at a new location [not just move it]. To
agglutinate energy again into new sets of `objects` and hence into a new

"This world is not as important as we make it out to be. Our language is
biased; we call it `reality` when it is really only one of many modes of the
assemblage point. For convenience though let us refer to it as `ordinary`

"Ordinarily once the Ushers do their work of helping us perceive the various
energy configurations as `objects,` the assemblage point is fixed once and
for all and the assemblage point does not move thereafter.

"We are forced to maintain a world of everyday life until we die.

"By the way death, from a sorcerer`s standpoint, is not the fast process that
it appears to be. The glow of the assemblage point fades quickly, but all the
other energy strands that make up the energy egg of the human being can take
a long long time to disperse. This process can also be slowed down, for
example if you were buried in a lead coffin right after death.

"The alternative to being stuck all your life on one assemblage point is to
move it by the practice of Discipline, and then to fix it at a new location
while awake.

"A firm foundation in the warrior`s way is required for heavy duty stopping
and dreaming."

"Discipline is not the same thing as practiced by Catholic girls in a
convent. Nor the same thing as what USED to be practiced by the nuns
themselves. It is not getting up early to do aerobics before going to work,
or eating sensibly. These are just routines, habits. Not a warrior`s

"From the point of view of a warrior, stalker or dreamer, Discipline is
abstract - an unbending hooking to a purpose - so that the actual
implementation of the Discipline is actually very flexible and fluid. It
takes courage of steel, there is no room for doubt or hesitation which will
otherwise rise up to pull you back to the everyday world of tantrums and self

"Discipline leads to harmony, well being and balance. Everyday life, on the
other hand, is indulgence.

"Unbending unyielding purpose is what is requird for Discipline in our quest
for freedom.

"At the Phoenix Bookstore [ed. note - Santa Monica, CA I think] talks
recently - some of you were there - Carlos Castaneda gave a talk of the
`warrior`s way.`

"You can`t `learn` to be a warrior! It is just a decision you have to make
one day for yourself on your own. Asking someone to teach you to be a warrior
is the wrong approach, it is the `poor baby me` approach to warriorship.

"Carlos Castaneda said that first and foremost the transfiguring event in a
warrior`s life, what is at the bedrock of becoming a warrior, is accepting
responsibility for your own death. This is the bottom line. Don`t assume you
are immortal.

"Face infinity and death in the mirror at night.

"Just by doing this, taking death as an advisor this way, lots of things will
fall off, fall away from you.

"Assume responsibility for your perception of the world. Not just the single
perception you were born into. Instead intend the movement of your assemlage
point to other areas of the luminous egg. If you tighten your belt, curtail
the other things in your life the pont will JUST MOVE ON ITS OWN without any
exercises or routines on your part. The lamp of awareness, strong now that
you have cut the excess baggage out of your life, will shine on all the other
possible positions of your assemblage point.

"The next rule of being a warrior is to pay your debts. A warrior is very
generous. He or she does not look at the world in terms of what other people
owe him or her. The warrior looks at the world in terms of opportunities to
discharge his or her debts to other people so he or she will not be tied up

"This paying of debts leads to an unbiased affection for all things. Most of
what we consider to be affection is the trading of favors with other people.
The warrior, on the other hand, gives affection with no expectation of
return. It is not that the warrior is trying to eliminate affection, be an
unfeeling person. The warrior`s affection is just so unbiased it unravels
everyday connections. The warrior`s affection is so unbiased that if the
warrior goes into another reality completely different from this one the
warrior`s affection will extend to all the other new beings that exist in
that other reality.

"If someone has really INJURED you this also needs to be paid back. The
concept of paying debts is not a sentimental concept limited to returning the
good connections. The point is to loosen all connections. If you are
connected to someone who injured you, you may need to sever that connection
by paying back the injury. So it is not a moral issue; it goes two ways."

"The warrior`s path is an escape hatch, somewhere to go after you have
finished dismantling everyday life. There is no room for crapping out, for
fear, for indulgence, for regrets or for nostalgia when going into the

"Unbending determination is the only choice you can make or terrible things
will happen to you once you have accumulated enough energy [by using death as
an advisor to cut loose the excess baggage].

"You CANNOT be half assed, half willing or, with your partial energy, even
worse things will happen to you [than if you had never taken this path].

"Take back the energy used to support the everyday world [by using death as
an advisor and paying back debts]. The everyday world is a gigantic edifice
but it rest on just three cornerstones:

"(1) how we present ourselves in the world, how we fit into the social
structure. The recapitulation lets you think about all this, how you fit in,
it is a looking glass of how others see you in your hopes and fears. All this
takes energy. The warrior looks instead at what he or she is doing the face
of death and what conduct, what intensity is really appropriate in that

"(2) the second cornerstone is our biological need to mate and to reproduce.
We are social animals. Sorcerers say - let the others do it. Sorcerers need
the energy that goes into the social dance and biological need to get their
freedom. We refuse to be the flower that blooms -and dies - to propagate the
species. Security of the family is one of the strongest attractions to the
social order. There is a tremendous fear of being alone, of dying alone.
Sorcerers have to learn to be ALONE for long stretches, which is why Don Juan
and the others would test us by keeping us alone, on our own, to see how we
handled solitude. Why are you so afraid to have no moives, no friends. It is
also important to learn to keep mental silence, mental solitude, for long
periods. The world will then collapse on its own without the inner talk!
Dreaming is also very alone, facing the dangers in the dreaming world alone.

"We are talking about STOPPING tonight and have to get used to solitude. As
women we just don`t want to be an old maid, a bitter old maid with a mole and
whiskers on her cheek as was held up to me. We learn these things, the need
to be beautiful to ctch a good mate and we fund the entire cosmetics industry
with our fears and worries. In recapitulation we have a chance to see this
and to look for alternatives."

"The warrior`s way [is not to get trapped in the biological imperative to
mate and the social dance motivated by loneliness it] is to give unbounded
affection instead, not to count the number of affairs we have or be in a
relationship and daydream about alternatives that would be even better for
us. A warrior`s affection so transcends the social order that the warrior can
move to any other position of the assemblage point, even an unknown universe
and still be full of affection. So don`t be afraid to chip away at this
second cornerstone of everday reality, that if you do so you won`t have any
affections or feelings left.

"The third cornerstone of ordinary reality is very sublte; it is self
importance. We joked about putting out a bumper sticker `Self-importance
kills` because a false sense of self importance, when undercut, is a great
source of suicide and illness not to mention taking away from a zest for
living. Everyone manifests self importance one way or another, either by
wanting to be best in something or by wanting to play the martyr and be the
worst - the use my bones as stepping stones to your own glory syndrome. Don`t
substitute false humility or false modesty for pride about your self
importance. The important thing to realize is that you are no MORE and no
LESS important than any other living thing. To think otherwise is like one
ant in a heap carrying an especially big load and thinking it is the most
important, the best ant when in a moment I will step on that ant and all his
companions and they will be equal in their death. Something will `step` on
all of us someday, just like one of us might step on an ant hill. We are all
equal and self importance is nothing but a reward from the social order of
everyday reality, like the drip of a drug into your brain to keep you hooked
on the social order. It is better to save your energy and take your freedom

"The `Selector.` A very simple mechanical model of a needle pointing in a
certain direction and we get our engergy configuration lined up at a new
assemblage point. The Selector does it all for you if you have enough energy
it pulls certain things in the universe down to you. Once you have restored
your energy by the recapitulation there is no need for chanting or special
rituals to move your assemblage point. Where why how the Selector moves the
assemblage point we don`t know all we can do is acquiesce in the movement,
act implacably under the terrible pressure of the Selector.

"Stalking. I - stalkers in general - use behavior to move the assemblage
point to create maximum cognitive dissonance."
"You cannot choose where to move your assemblage point when you are living as
a stalker because if you choose you will not have enough cognitive dissonance
between the old point and the new point to work with. This is why warriors
are under tremendous pressure, because the Selector - or spirit - chooses
difficult new positions that are so scary or different that sometimes the
assemblage point of the warrior, when subjected to the pressure to move,
starts vibrating in place, you can see this energetically. If the warrior
lapses into an internal dialog about what is going on, then the point will
not relocate it will snap back to its normal position which for you is
ordinary reality.

"It takes tremendous pressure to move the point and what you need to do is to
keep the pressure up but it should be harmonious pressure or you culd
actually go crazy. Once you have energy and unbending intent the point will
move very easily with no problems and after you do the recapitulation it will
move sometimes and you won`t even be aware of it.

"I had certain tasks chosen for me by the Selector. I had to completely live
as different people, this was not just acting during the day or being aware
you are acting it was complete immersion in a new self. 24 hours a day. You
ARE that new person. Let me be Sheila Waters for you. [Puts on wig and
eyeglasses.] I have to wear eyeglasses when I am Sheila Waters.

"Sheila Waters was pointed out to me by the Selector (spirit or whatever you
want to call it) I had to become a business woman, get an MBA, real estate
license, paralegal, invest in commodities, keep business relationships with
attorneys and accountants and all the other people in the business world. I
got things done and made and lost fortunes. Because when you are in that
assemblage position there is a natural desire to succeed, not fail, so
naturally the tendency is to try to make lots of money, not just stand still
or lose money. If you are not impeccable it is easy to lose money by not
listening to your own inner voice. I decided that I had to have some really
great timber land in the north and it was really great land perfect in every
way; except that it was near Mt. St. Helena and when the volcano blew up it
was ruined. I used to read the Wall Street Journal and watch Ruyckhaueser

"Other personas. [Takes off glasses and wig.] In Mexico I was under Emilito`s
supervision he was more of a guardian or spectator than a teacher, would not
interfere with the roles the Selector chose for me. I was Ricky, the first
position chosen for me, an American gringo male trying to pass himself off as
a Mexican. I dressed in mans clothing, passed for a man, romanced a lady and
even used the urinals. Don`t ask me to tell you what I had to do to use the
urinals, I will put it in my new book Stalking the Double.

"The second assemblage point chosen for me was a young ingenue from Texas,
niece of some women in Mexico who were of course really the women sorcerers
from Don Juan`s party. I had blonde hair by choice and would parade in the
square waiting to attract men to this virginal thing, because of course I had
to be a virgin, and the blonde hair was very startling and attractive.

"It is essential to be absolutely fluid. That is the point of all the
not-doing exercises, so that you can be absolutely fluid and when the
Selector moves your assemblage point you will have the Discipline to be able
to fix it at its new location.

"You cannot view yourself as just a cynical manipulator of behavior, acting
out one role then another. It must be real to you, absolutely real.

"Next I was a crazy beggar. Sat on the church steps bitten by fleas and
mosquitos all day but although I am allergic to bites in my role as a crazy
beggar woman I did not care, did not mind them at all. I was a crazy female
outcast beggar so I had 4 strikes against me and all the time in the world to
just sit there and watch the world go by because no one noticed me or cared."

"To conclude. Nothing is real, just a manipulation of behaviour, just a
result of the accidental fixation of our assemblage point at birth. That is
what the stalker learns from being so many different people. Each position is
equally real and hence equally phantoms. We cherish our present positions,
but even the closest, most real ones are just phantoms when you move to
another postion.

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