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Elton John - The End Will Come
29.08.2012, 00:42
  • Elton John - EnchanThe End Will Come

    And when we start we say forever
    We say we care, we need, we feel
    We read the movement of our eyes
    But in our hearts we still believe

    The end will come, before we know
    The silent rule of love applies
    We light the fuse and let it burn out
    We just accept that love must die

    And so they say, the end will come for us
    And so the world, slows down to let us off
    Just hang it up and let it go, accept it if I must
    But I don't believe, I don't believe that the end will come for us
    No I won't believe the end will come for us

    The end will come like sudden rain
    The end is never what it seems
    We sink the ship before we sail
    We just accept what failure means


    авторы: Элтон Джон и Берни Топин

    из альбома "The Big Picture" (1997)
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