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Elton John - How's Tomorrow
09.09.2012, 22:20
  • Elton John - How's Tomorrow

    He said "How's tomorrow?"
    Then he drove back to town
    Thinking she might follow
    Hoping she might stick around
    It was only the thunder
    That held up the train
    But in that first flash of lightning
    He saw her face in the rain
    He learned truth in the meaning
    Of love at first sight
    And when he said "How's tomorrow?"
    He meant the rest of his life

    Little moments in time are hard to define
    Frozen forever, locked up in our minds
    The reasons we're right there at a point in our lives
    Isn't ours for the asking, isn't ours to decide
    It's not always but often, but when that moment arrives
    When we say "How's tomorrow?"
    We mean the rest of our lives

    She stayed on a while
    Feeling drawn to that place
    Could it be the dark stranger
    Or something she sensed as fate
    She was always a dreamer
    She spent her life on the rails
    Working jobs through the heartland
    To keep some wind in her sails
    But when he stepped from the darkness
    Out into the light
    And when he said "How's tomorrow?"
    She saw the rest of her life

    When that moment arrives
    When we say "How's tomorrow"?
    We mean the rest of our lives

    How's tomorrow...

    авторы: Элтон Джон и Берни Топин

    Сингл (2005)
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