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Elton John - Go Out and Get it
29.08.2012, 01:48
  • Elton John - Go Out and Get it

    And it's yours, go out and get it
    Don't get wet, please keep dry
    Think about the people that made you cry

    I believe in a minute for every man
    When he must take notice of the clock and all it's hands
    If I see the road leads straight ahead
    Got to run on down, never never be afraid

    I know a man, well he's six feet tall
    Buckskin jacket, velvet stripe and all
    From Boston town, yeah, he's educated well
    And he keeps his mind within a padded cell

    Behind the curtain, upon the shelf
    Lives a man there, living with himself
    Behind his his eyes, behind his smile
    What's going on, anybody in the world can tell

    автор: Майк Эрон

    записано в 1969 году
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