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Elton John - Fools in Fashion
29.08.2012, 01:05
  • Elton John - Fools in Fashion

    He's so sophisticated
    In a critic's eye
    He needs a change of habit
    But then so do I
    He's all Zefferelli
    In cool loose clothes
    He needs to be rewired
    He's plugged on overload

    So crisp and new
    Well it had to be
    I guess he needs a change
    From the likes of me
    If he should lose some color
    When he leaves the sun
    I'm sure a little Braggi
    Wouldn't hurt no one

    'Cause when the fool's in fashion
    He's attracting everyone
    He'll be the head of your list
    He'll be your dinner guest
    If he's the center of attention
    Looks like the fool's in fashion

    You had your pound of flesh
    You got the driver's seat
    Well you can keep the car
    But I'd like the meat
    'Cause there must be plenty
    Down in the cutting room
    It's so tough to suffer
    When you want the moon


    авторы: Элтон Джон и Берни Топин

    Сингл (1981)
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