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Elton John - Dreamboat
28.08.2012, 23:46
  • Elton John - Dreamboat

    Isn't this old night so nice
    I hope you can feel what I feel tonight
    Little boy's not getting it right
    Trying so hard with all his might
    Clouds in the sky keeping the sun away
    Doesn't mean the sun isn't shining today
    Seems something's always in your way
    You've got a wide, wide array
    Of insurmountable problems every day

    Slip away, slide away
    Into dreamland
    Slip away, slide away
    Into dream, dreamland

    In your own private place of dreams
    I hope you'll find a place where it seems
    The road is always straight and true
    Wherever you walk is bright for you
    I hope you'll remember these times we share
    Hope you'll find some comfort there
    In the meantime lose your cares
    You can go anywhere, close your eyes and it will take you there

    Slip away, slide away
    Into dreamland

    Gonna cherish my time with you
    Gonna smile, smile the whole world day through
    Wake up tomorrow maybe you'll find
    Darkness gone from your mind
    Want you to be what you want to be
    Don't want you to ever hurt like me
    Smiling through the saddest times
    Could only happen in dreams
    I wonder is it as nice as it seems

    Slip away, slide away
    Into dreamland

    Maybe you'll get your wishes in dreams this night
    Because I can't seems to do it here in real life

    Mayhe you'll get your wishes in dreams this night
    Because I can't seem to help you here in real life


    авторы: Элтон Джон и Берни Топин

    из альбома Брюса Хорнсби "Halcyon Days" (2004)
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