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Elton John - All across the Havens
28.05.2012, 10:35
  • Elton John - All across the Havens

    The sister of sunlight
    Comes to my lonely life
    Bearing the crosses I hung
    I hung on my lonely wife
    And the anchor told me
    If I prayed by the river
    That the sweet sound of water
    Would always go with her

    All across the havens to the waterfall
    They told me I would meet her there
    Inside those icy walls
    But how on earth in this universe
    Can they forgive me of my pains
    For all across the havens
    I must stumble locked in chains

    Then the mother of mercy
    Showed me her stable
    And told me you would be safe
    Safe in her cradle
    And the waterfall opened
    And the water withdrew
    Leaving me standing
    On a road leading through

    авторы: Элтон Джон и Берни Топин
    сингл (1969)
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